Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive Science of Religion


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Table of Contents


  • List of Figures
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One: Explanatory Pluralism and the Cognitive Science of Religion: Or Why Scholars in Religious Studies Should Stop Worrying about Reductionism
  • Chapter Two: Interpretation and Explanation: Problems and Promise in the Study of Religion (with E. Thomas Lawson)
  • Chapter Three: Crisis of Conscience, Riddle of Identity: Making Space for a Cognitive Approach to Religious Phenomena (with E. Thomas Lawson)
  • Chapter Four: Who Owns ‘Culture’? (with E. Thomas Lawson)
  • Chapter Five:Overcoming Barriers to a Cognitive Psychology of Religion
  • Chapter Six: Twenty-Five Years In:  Landmark Empirical Findings in the Cognitive Science of Religion
  • References
  • Index